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October 19, 2015

Hello I’m Rich Knight and I’m new to the Fenland physio team. I thought I would write a blog post about one of the techniques that I use with both people whom I treat for injury and those I work with when preparing for their given sport in order to help improve their performance.
ART is a hands-on soft tissue treatment of ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves. It provides a quick way to make a tight muscle loose, as well as treating conditions such as: tennis/golfers elbow, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff issues, shin splints and plantar fasciitis amongst a whole array of other issues that many of you guys seem to pick up! The technique involves the therapist putting pressure on a tissue, while the patient stretches to move the tissue slowly out from under the contact. The technique works by increasing the nervous system’s tolerance to stretch.
Had you heard of Active release technique® prior to this blog post? Well if not its certainly worth experiencing it! ART is used on-site around the world by hundreds of corporations to treat repetitive strain injuries (one UK firm saved £1.5 M in one year), and in thousands of clinics around the world, it is best known for its use in elite sport. Almost every single professional sports team in North America utilizes ART for treating injuries and preventing injuries / performance care. You might even see it being given on the side lines during games as its very versatile and can be used nearly anywhere regardless of equipment.
CLIENT EXAMPLE. Its not just elite athletes who use this, its for everyone! And I have had great success treating people within a clinic setting. I will use the following example as I have been seeing this a lot with the new football season! A local football player came to see me as he had been plagued with reoccurring hamstring issues all of the previous season and had paid out a fortune in seeing several other people for treatment which had not been effective. He was on the verge of actually not playing the new season and came to see me as a last resort after hearing I had recently moved to the area. He felt great after the first treatment and after working with me for several weeks and carrying out a specific home care regime he was back and ready for pre season. I have kept in touch with him and he has had no issues since and has scored 8 goals in his first 6 games!
So if you have never heard of or experienced Active release technique® I suggest you check it out! Especially if you want to keep your soft tissue in prime condition, improve your performance or treat those niggles and be provided with treatment that could help you get over current injury that other treatments have had little success with.
It is not just for injury it can also help prevent it!!! If you want to train harder, and keep up the gains your making but injury is holding you back then ART could well be your solution. You owe it to yourself to keep your body in good condition. It will thank you for it! Just remember most muscle and tendon injuries are fixable. Don’t let them affect your gains!
Look out for an up and coming open day where I will offer some FREE sessions so you can experience it for yourself. If you have any questions please get in touch.

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